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Benefits of Hiring Phillips & Associates

If you are an Oklahoma resident, and you are about to stand a drug trial, it is always good to look for a lawyer who is well versed and experienced in defending people. Getting a good lawyer might not be the easiest thing to do as there are so many of them purporting to be the best in the field. However, you will find that most of them are just after your money with nothing tangible that they can offer you and guarantee a win on your case.

If you need a good drug attorney, you should consider to beĀ defended by Phillips & Associates. This is a law firm that has been practicing narcotics cases for the longest time. They will ensure that you get quality services for your money. They are among the best in the whole of Oklahoma in helping defendants win their cases. Below are some of the many benefits that you will get when you hire them to represent you in court.


Vast Experience

When hiring a law firm, it is always good to consider their experiences in the matter that pertains to your case. They should at all time be able to advise you and argue your case in a way that will convince the judge of your innocence. Hiring a lawyer with vast experience in the matter ensures that you have better chances of not getting convicted and this is always the mission of Phillip & associates. They will do all that is humanly possible using their vast experience to keep you out of jail.


dealClear Communication

A good lawyer is the one that ensures that their clients understand their rights and are sure of what they need to do. It is good that a lawyer explains all the available options for the client and the consequence of taking any of those options. That way, a client is sure of what to expect. This gives the client a better understanding of their cases and is aware of the best options available. A good lawyer will also advise their clients on the best course of action.


Quick Settlement

Any good lawyer will always good for a quick settlement unless their clients seek to benefit from a delayed process. In most cases, a quick settlement is likely to be favorable for the defendant in that they will not waste a lot of time in court. It also helps as a winning tactic to ensure that the prosecutor hasn’t collected enough evidence to put the defendant in jail. Depending on the circumstances, Phillip and associates will ensure that you get the best ruling out of the whole matter.

From the above, it is without a doubt that you hiring Phillip and associates might be the best decision you have made so far. Anything that will improve your chances of not doing state time should come as a relief to you. Therefore if you have a case for which you will be standing trial soon, do not hesitate to get in touch with them. They will guarantee that you retain your freedom and a very considerable price.…

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purchase agreement

Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer

Purchasing a property is a big decision. It involves a big sum of money, and it has long-term consequences. And many people have not understood how the law can protect their ownership status. But like any other transactions, once you sign a document, you are bound to it. The same thing happens with a property purchase. The law cannot protect you from a disastrous agreement if you have already signed it.

Now that you have got a brief picture of how serious a property transaction is, we can go deeper into the topic.

Dealing with the Documents

Most property transaction involves real estate agencies. The sellers work with an agency because they do not want to do the marketing, negotiation, and paperwork by themselves. The agency seeks for buyers and acts as the broker of a deal. And usually, both the buyer and seller do not meet in person. They communicate through documents of terms.

In that situation, a buyer will be legally safe if he/she hires a real estate lawyer to evaluate any vague terms in the document. And if you think you can handle things by yourself, you are wrong. Paper will come at you like a flood. The time is often limited too because purchasing a property is like racing. Those who are fast will get the best deal.

Different States, Different Law

Property deal is a complicated business. The agency may get you a buyer. But they are not in charge of evaluating the validity of the agreements. Besides, some states require a real estate attorney to be present in a closing transaction.

If you are a seller, hiring a real estate lawyer can save you the risks of paying a tax penalty. A property with fantastic price often has a considerable tax consequence. Selling it without calculating the tax, or including it in the purchase agreement can be financially disastrous.

An estate lawyer knows how the local law works. They are your best bet in securing your property transaction. Even if you may spend some dollars for their service, you have to think forward to the future.

Addressing Issues in the Purchase Agreement

A purchase agreement contains all the terms that will bind the buyer if he/she decides to sign it. And here are some issues that need to be addressed in a purchase agreement:

  1. Has any house improvement been made? If yes, were they done lawfully?
  2. What improvement is lawfully possible in the future?
  3. What happens if a professional auditor finds out defects in the house?
  4. What happens to the down payment, if the purchase is canceled?

Now you will begin to see that purchasing a piece of land together with a building on it is more complicated than it seems. If things are not done correctly, both the buyers and sellers may suffer from a significant financial loss. The law is there to protect such a transaction. And that is why you need to hire a property attorney.…

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a dominated woman

Legal Tips to Deal with Abusive Partner

Not all relationships go well. Some people end up with abusive partners. And the togetherness that is supposed to bring happiness to both sides has turned into torture.

In that situation, the state has set some laws to protect individuals from toxic partners. And if you happen to experience it, or if you know someone who needs help, here are some legal steps that can help a person to escape an abusive relationship.

Consulting a Lawyer

child custody illustrationBefore you decide to take any legal proceedings, such as a request for a restraining order, consulting a legal expert would be your best option. This step is essential for a married couple. Some properties, belongings, money, and debts might be shared between the husband and wife. And consulting with a lawyer can give you a picture of the best strategies to get a fair share.

If you are in cohabitation for years, the chances are that you also have some shared properties or investments with your partner. However, the marriage law in many states does not recognize cohabitation as a legal relationship. To get back your shared properties and money may be more difficult than if you are married. And that is why a legal consultation is necessary.

If You Are in Danger

a violent partnerSometimes, you deal with a violent person. And there is no time for you to be prepared mentally and physically. In that condition, you must leave the house quickly. Also, you have to bring your children because they might become victims of the violence as well.

Calling the police is also an option. If you or anyone in the house has been hurt, you have to call the authority. Dealing with an abusive partner immediately after he has committed an act is much easier than if you leave the case until it is cold. Getting him arrested can save you a lot of time from suing and proving him to be guilty of your accusation.

Also, you have requested a restraining order. You must bring it with you anytime you go outside, especially if you are with your kids. Child kidnapping because of a custody dispute commonly happens. And police officers cannot react fast without any authorized documents.

Keeping a Record

a concealed abuseSome people are abusive and smart. And they are the most dangerous ones. They may appear lovely and kind in front of other people. But once you are alone with him, the torment begins. Your abuse might be well-concealed from the public. And no one is there to believe in you and to support you. You have to rely on no one but yourself.

There are four types of abuse are recognized by the law: physical, emotional, financial, and sexual. All of them need hard evidence to claim. Try to take videos or audio records of the abusive moments. As for the financial abuse, it is defined as a form or monitoring and restriction of an individual’s financial expense by their partners. Preventing a spouse from working can also fit with the definition.…

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